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tv   Community Affairs  KCNS  June 10, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

5:00 am are yolosi your hairnd he mirror and i couldn't looked en recognize mysel i thought where did it a go? how did it happeso fast? are you concling your ir loss l the time? evenround youra hat ved ones? i had a collection of 300 o p sure i did. i'd get up ane rs thing i'd do is put a baseball caon. are yofed up with spending money on pills and topical treatmen that don't deliver thresults you want out there that actually works? tried everything could think of. literally evything. this is the onthing i didn't ha control over. it e nuts. well ding the next half hour you'll get to hear intimate in-depth stories from real live ople just like you who have lost their hair but have chosen hair restoration to definitely look better wh
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hair tn without. and you'll get to see close up thei acally honest to goodns results. nothing to hide, no nches lled. bosley hair restoratioup close and personal. hi i'm matt rogers. and day e into show you everything we caou hair loss, icaesnd what noticeably thick flehead nntalk to you about ey e ste ofhe art in natural hair restoration. what we want to do is dispel all the myths, shatter thmisconceptions and demonstrate just how difficult it really is, even up close to tell the difference ben bosley restored hairline and a lk you step by step through e press inode you to a bunch of n and women who refused to accept haiross sitting down. i ju happen to be one of those people. this is how i looked 7 years ago when i was a contestant on amican idolnd this is how i look today. but hey, m just one person. let's hear what some
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other folkhave to sa life comes atourself fast and one day it really hits youi'm bald. i hated it. she ways wanted to go to the clubs or the trendy restaurants and i always like to go to a place like an irish pub where i can wear a ball cap and a t shirt and not have to wear dressed up stuff whe everybody could see i s balding really badly. and i kept playing tt game of if it would just top here i'd be good. unfortunatelu keep doing that year after year and then suddenly it's just it's too far gone. i know my wife wouldn't care was coletely bald. this is strictly a personal thing. it's just how i see myself. i loved bozo the clown when i was a kid but i never really wanted to look like him. male pattern hair loss is the pattern that you notice in men who have hair loss. you're losing hair in the front. you're getting some recession, you're getting some balding in the back. and hose areas are coming together until you have no hair on e top of your head. the main culprit is a chemical, a hormone called dihydrotestosterone. most commonly people refer to it as t. if you ve genes that make your ha follicles
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sensitive those hair flicles will gdually minturize and you look bd. but this hair on the back isn't influenced by dht. those hairs can be made easily into grafts that wi be durable. and when they're transplant into the area then they will grow and they ll contue to grow. and at concept isalled dono dominance. so this hair which is genetically determined to last a lifetime, to be permanent hair, when you move it, remains permanent lifetime hair. this is the basis for permanent lifelong hair restoration. at 28 yrs old it just became a stssful situation. every day i'd get up,irwhen iumd in as anror. i't leecsion so it was really comg in throu her and i had a lot of gfting djust to really add se density apatienprocure. i actuallyout goin t car and dve home adrive home and just took long weekend f ani went back on monday and nobodknew that i anansknow it. one day i wasen
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confsing that i was etty concerned about my hair lo, he says why don't you go to bosley and get your hair transplanted. i was like well, i don't want my hair to look like dl plugs. and he goes does my hair look like doll ugs? and iasike what? your hair? onci saw that, 's completely natural. there's no way to llhair grow in one to four hair groupings. we ca those fo uts. when we do a hair restotion procedure, what wwant to sos place those follicular uni in the appropriate places within the hairline or behind the hairline, to mimize density but also to maintain a natural appearance. we te tat hair th's nroamd to go bald and wmove it into the areas you'd rather have it. you know areas like the front, your hairline, areas that when people look you, frame your face. so follicle by follicle,, graft by grafte n pout hair back right where you lost hair. hair by hair. if you look at the photo it's just night and
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day compared to where i was and to where i am now, i'm an incredibly happy man and very thankful. a friend omine i told him hey, you know i went through bosley and look how it's turned out. and then he telling meyou knha itarted had some hair restoratn too and di't go to bosley. when you looked at the results that i had compared to his there was no comparison. i was just like man, you should have gone to bosley. as a tv show host actor and singer i didn't fe that si my hair was exactly great for my ima. under e camera even a little hair loss tends to and out. i mean lloss me meelf conscious. i just couldt grin and bear it so i covered it up. li many of the folks you're gonna meet on this show, i ben to wear a hat or a bandana all the time. ione. that sounds like someone you might know, tell them maybe they shod do what i did d ca bosley. call now for this free information k. it includes bosley's newest interactive dvd and this comprehensive gue book.
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insiselect aair restoration doctor andee step by step precisely how a procedure at bosley is done. you'll also receive this in depth medical report on the causes and fa apphair loss. bosley is the rphysicians a selected on ther basis of their exceptional surgical skills and then trained in the technicalnd artistic techniques developed by d l. e bosley. believe it or not all this hair in the front that you're looking i bosley resd ir. you wash it you get it cu is your own real hair growing on the top of your ad. and itl be there for the rest of your fe. the's a lot of peoe out the who are really bothered by eir hair loss. who won't take the next step to have something done about it. you reallyeed to understand that this is a procedure that works. hair that some from a part of your head that has no genetic predisposition to fall out, doesn't ever fall out. cool. so this is a permanent procedure. this was a really, really smart investment if you
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look at it that way. and with multiple financing options avaible for qualifie applictsbosleyair atner been more affordable. plus to help get you started bosley wants to make it even more affordable. welcome to bosley. by sending you a $250.00 gift certificate good toward a bosley hair bosley guarantees th thend we will replace it free of or charge. everything you see here is transplanted hair. i me it's just as strong as the rest. i' never hadnybo ask mef i've had a hairnt. l plenty just becausi'm proud of it, it looks great. who cares? it doesn't matter anymore. i've hait de, it looks go a that'the y. someuys don't nd being bald. but if you're like me, then deep down you really want your hair back. we i'm here to tell you that it's more affordable and easier than you might think. so come on. do it for you. make the freeall, t tnow to receive this eel infoation kit plus your $250.00 gift certificate. thers no cost and ablutely no i'd dodged the bullet.t
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thought for sure man i was the one that got lucky in the family and then it just happened out of nowhere. one day i'm looking at hands full of hair and i'm thinking what ppened? what changed? i had a friend tt kept trying to encourage me saying look, if you' really that worried t y got 2 choices, yo al with it or you ave ur ad. and at one pnt i shaved my head. and i was a total cue ball mopinion go to bosleyecau theare by far the best. ani felt so comfortable that i wouldn't bosley to someone else. nd reallys important that you find out everying you can a trusted resource. most of th stuff out there in the maetplace is well, bogusor a lack of a better term. the truth is tre are just 3 fd approved treatments that might work for you if you're in the early stages of ir loss. we have 2 goals when you ve hair loss. one is retention, hold the hair you have. the other one is to restore hair you've already lost. so at bosley we use everything avaable to us to hold the hair. mecations, medical devices that can hel and then at the same time surgical restoration. a
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combinatiotreatment is ver common in a lot of medical conditions. you use the medical side and the sgical sidend of course the medical side, propecia, monoxodil, laser combs. those are very helpful in conjunction with vingore hair into the area so you can improve your appearance. my wife got sick of me complaining. we th infomercial on tv and shsaid ju call them and go and see what they have to sa the doctor me me feel al comfortable. how hlook at me when he was doing the look and where, how that was gonna work for me, it was like an arst. and that was, i was just like wow, i'm so glad d e procedure. thiis all my hair. this n't goin' ay. research and you want to takeur the next step. let's see what it's like to visit one of bosley's natnwide offices for a personalized, no cost, no obligation consultation. coming to bosley for consultation will help answer some qstionshi peter how are you? the only thing it's gonna cost you is a little bit of time. so peter whdon't we look at this clasfication chart here. the role of a bosley counsel is
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mui do you think you might be on this? i think i'm probablyht in this 4, 4 to 5 range. not only are they there to help educate the patient about the options available but it's also to listen to what it is they want to achieve. so w don we have a look at the photograph that we took lite bit earlr. i'd like to get these emptareas filled bacin and then maybe bringhe hairline back down. this is aatient who i think is in a similar situation to yourself. it's remarkle. i woullove to have a result like that. well what we need to do is get the doctor in and e what his plan is. well the docr's role is to takthe general information d to apply that to the individual patient. now let's take a look at yr dor ha p make surthat an accurate diagnosis isade. that that hair restoration is the proper thing to do and will work, and the size of the procedure will be and the eventual outcome. i want to bring your hairline back down where it belongs. we want somethi that's specific to you. how much hair are you losing? how much are you expected to lose in lifetime? what are your options in terms of restorationall in all i'd say you're an excellt
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candidate for a hair restoration and you should expect an excellent result. at the patient is gonna leave with a personalized consultation the entire consultation. if you feel, after your consultation, that bosley restoration is the right choice for you, great. if not, that's ok, too. there are a lot of misconceptions about hair loss. i think it's rely important that you have an honest discussion with a physician so that you can be an educated consumer and undetand what your options may be,. i figured i've got one time to get it right and so i wanted to make sure that i was with the right companyhat was gonna give me whatas loing for. which was a nof the most important things. is this gonna look natural? am i goa beappy with this? and so i did my due diligence. wen online and after doing the research i called bosley, set up the appointment. i did meet heounselor and when i left there i felt like i had a od comprehensive plan on not but also trying to keep the hair i hadit was nicto know that i could have sothin
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done and something that was affordable for me. it was feasible. it wasn't something that just the movie stars did. i mean it was something that an average guy like myself could gedoneo.'vdone hr for 19 years and when someonei transplant if i cannot identify it i'm like, where'd you go? bosley? and yeah. and this is the photo i have hanging up in my studio. so when somebody transplant i pull this out and they're like, that's not even you. and i go, i would not lie to you about hair. my restoration was done right here and i had soctually lled in the back. so if i want to style it differently and iant to put it up, you know and i want to take it down a little bit, i want to switch part sides i can do that. and it's not like before when i had to place the hair here hoping to conceal some skin. no matter how you cut it or cover it up hair loss well, let's just say that for most of us it's less than desirable. and if you're like me you'll try almost anything to keep it from prressing. and believe me it just doesn't stop on it's own. the problem is that there's not very many viable optionsut
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there. that's why you need to dplace i know to start is with bosley. call now for this free information kit. it includes th comprehensive guide book anbosley's nest interactive dvd with extended patient interviews and discussions with bosley physicians, detailing a procedure at bosy. you'll also see how bosley's meth of artistically transplanting individual follicular units creates a soft natural looking hairline. bosley is the world's reoration expert. hae hair performeover 200,000 hair bosley's team of dedicated hair reoration exrts ve hped men and men from all walks of life achieve great lking real resus. all we is hair restoration.hat's all we do every day. so turally we're pretty good at it. where ever you live chances arehere's a bosley conltation office near you. at bosley we really focus on providing you with a total solution to your hair loss problem. it feels amazing to have hair again. it's reallyst
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le tcknd you would never ev know i had the procedure. and with multiple financing options available for qualified applicants, bosley hair restoration has never been more affordable. plus, to help get you started bosley wants to make it even more affordable. welcome to bosley. by sending you a $250.00 gift certificate good toward a bosley hair restoration procedure. and bosley guantees thathe transplaed hair will groor we will replace free of charge. i have to say it w almost a little emotional to seyour hair back on top of your head again. i was looki at it and of course my wife was she couldn't believe it. i tell you yeah, you get your ha gn u think about it that i didn't like being bald. it wa't me. and i know whau' thin, u' sayinto yourself, it's not tat bad. if itould just stop here i'd be ok. but the truth is once it starts to go it usuallkeeps on going. the bottomine, you cyour hr. call now to receive this free information kit plus your $250.00 gift certificate. there's cost and absoluly obligatio so a lot patients will come and say doc,
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you know, i didn't realize that i was losing any hair.nd i'll say well you know what? you have been losing hair but it has to get where beyond 50% that's wn you start to notice it. aon. his hair losnue to go progressanynic. eaonadonto a dermatolt d asked him about my hair lossand i asked him what i could do about it and he said nothing really. you're gonna go bald one day. there's a lot more women that ve hair tn you would imine. you will find at probably 25% of women have siificant hair loss by age keep their hairline, keep their temples and lose profusely throughout the topf eir heads. the counselor told me what it was all abouand brought the doctor in and they saidyou know, this is something you can . and i thought all right well what do i have to lose? you can't see ch really, other than roots which you ow, have to cae i'veeen tlkin about bosleyor years now people are always coming up to me and going dudyou did it. you're the bosley guy. wow your hair looks great. i mean i've
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told the whole world about m ha rtorati becse i am so thrilled wi it and for me it'sompletely changed my life. t if you don't want anybody tonow, no problem. because the thing about a bosley hair restorion is that it looks so completely natural. drestorion attention to the artistry. not just the nil aspects. dr. bosley always recognized that you're part of that artistry that goes eating a natural lookingation is hairline zone in the front. when a manomes in totally bald in the front we have to start a hairliroscratch. use just one hair grafts in e very front to keep that ce gradual transi a that's extremely important in creating a very natural looking hairline. and as wmo back behind that we still want to maintainho one hairs, maybe get some 2 haiunits in there. then as move back behind that we can have 3 and even 4 hair units to add volu and and you see every tree led upt
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perfectly, you know nature didn't dthat. it's the se with the hairlin you gotta make se you keep it soft, natural, little bit irregur. another thing at dr. bosy brought to hair restoratn is an iredible attention to detail. dr. bosley knew that each individual hair was important. the place you put it, the angle, directi of each individual hair shaft really the goal is that nobody should be able to tell that you've had a transplant. so there's a lot of artistry invoed. it's sething that the doctors here are very paionate about because this ally allows us treeate someing that we know is gonna give great satisctn you as a patient. i went to bosley because their whole organization is set up aroun hair resration. so i liked that. it wasn't like i was going to a doctor that does all sos of different pcedures and cosmetictuff and does hair restoration too you know. althe do is hair restoration. it's amazing how much sensitivity they have to the way your hair is supposed to look. i mean he looked at all my features and he knew where the hairlines suosed to be. weere taing out e
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hairline, we were talking about how it was gonna grow and he was like steve what i'm gonna do is i'm going to take e cue fr the hair you stilve leftn your head and see how it curls? the hair i'm gonna replace is gonna curl just like that. i was like he gets what i'm pposed to oke. i like it. for me it's a full complete natural result. i'm the predure itself like? well i can't spr evybt mine was easy. i showeup on a weesday morning, watched 2 movies, ate lunch and was home that evening. ha resration procedure now is a simplout patient procedure. we will numb up an area on the back of the scalp and wi excise the donor strip. the length oft grafts we're gonna do. once th strip is removed the team will take thaand parate out the follicular units. the techs that wonuream here, that's a thedo. they're trained in that, thedo it every sile d and they've been doinghis for a ng time. i'llake the sites and
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the team comes in and places the afts in those sites. making those sites i have to make sure i get the proper angle of the hair that it's gonna grow, the orientation. i don't want the existing hair going this way and the hairs i put in going this way. they all have to flow exactly together. and then once all those sites armade we take one follicle and ide it into each spot. it's like an orchestra and each person has their part and is very experienced at what they do. there's a lot of attenon to detail and there is meticulous care at each step in e procure. despite all of the advances in medicinehair transplantion remains the only way to permanently replace hairou've lost. once it's over it's something at you'll ve tworrabout it. can you don't beeve ? 1years agboey i put my handone into anything to do with hair loss sults i needed. i needed my hair back and thonly way to really do that, e ly way to really get yr hair to grow back is to transplant it. to tcare of who you are. i d'take think u n t a price on
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that. and as you can see, 12 years later, it'll be an investment that keeps gring. i started losing my ir when i was 22 years oldinstead of just accepting it asate or hoping it would somehow get something can do abite d to that's when diovered bosley. the first thing i did was contact them and learn everything i possibly could about natural hair rtoration. and that's exactly what you should do too. call now for this free information kit. it inudes bosley's newest interactive dvd and this corehensive ide book. inside you'll find a self evaluati form to help you identify your specific type and degree of ha loss and learn what to expect during and afr a procedure. y'll so receive is in depth medical report on the causes a fda approv treatmentoptions for hair loss. bley is the stxperiee ha restatiope. sley phicians are selected on the basis of their exceptional surgical skills and then trained in the technical and artistic teciqs developed by dr. l. lee bosley. believe it or not all this hair in the
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bosley restod hair. you wash it you get it cu it's your own real hair growing on the top of your head. and it'lbe there for the rest of your life. the fa ithere are rgeons out there that cod perform the technical aspects of this operation if pperly trned. where we excel at bosley is the artistry. making that natural hairline at's gonna look beautiful for the rest of hior her life. tting the hat on was an alternative. a toupee was an alteative. shaving your head was an alternative. but nothing engh to do something about it and so i did and bosley was the st ce cod have ever made for myself. and with multiple financing options available for qualified applants bosley hair ren s nevebeen more affordable. plus to help get you started bosley wants to make it even more affordable. welcome to bosley. by sending you a $250.00 gift certificate good toward a bosley hair restoration procedure. and bosley guarantees that the we will replace itree or en gone by now and i'd have
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be tally bald on top. so i'm so grateful and thankful because that was who i useto be and his is who i amif you've just stard losing your hair then chances are 's gonna get worse. and if it bothers you now, then it's already gone too far. think bosley then you've prettmuch thrown in towel and decided to go ld. come o it's a fr phone call for ee informatn. call now to kit plus your $2500 girmation and ablutely no obligation. i'd like to point out th t results you've been seeing are not unusual. since most men and women prefer to keep their reorations confideial, the people you're meeting in this ogram are just a fewf the patients and they are real patients, not actors, who are comfortable in shang their experience with you. really didn't have any kind of haihead. so that was all rebuilt mpte. and didn't want, you kno my hair to look like a 21 year old either. i told them i said i just want hair back ony head. the stf waea fm the second you walk in you're
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comfortable. you sit down, ty make you fell just you know, relaxe before you know it head. i was 26 at the time. ur had the hoeshoe coming all the way back around here with a little patch of hair in the front is what i had left. you kind of in in the morning, they set you up and everything. you're never under general anesthesia, it's all local. so you dot feel a thing. i hung out for hours in a chair watching movies. i was a little tired but other an that i went back toork 2 days later. the nit of the surgery dr. carlson called me just to see how i was doing and gave me s cell pneumber so if there was any questions feel free to ll, don't even hitate. so. they do really care abouyou. a lot of the patients drive themselves home. some of the patients go to wk the next day. i know i did. we like patients to avd strenuous exercise, mpitive swimming, suing that sort of stuff fore a week or so. but after that you're right back on your rhair restoration, the next day you don't look different.
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people aren't saying what'd you do yesterday? but over time, months after the hair has been restored, the hair slowly grows in. and before you know it 3 months go by and you start to see a little growth, and 3 to 6 months there's really a lot of growth and 6 to 12 months there's just n hair there. real hair. natural looking. it's uelievable. so it gives you a dramatic change in a very subtle way. you know kidtell you maybe not what you wt to hear, but they'll tell you the truth that's for sure. they would go out in publ and tell other people. mommy didn't have hair. and though i'm a very confident person, it would hurt at the end of the day. what i had was tractionlopecia caused by years of wea, every kind of braiyou can thinof and over time, witthe constant pulling, the hair evenally was gone. it is pretty seve. embarrassing. bosley, ey made me feel ke i was a human being with feelingswhich everyplace should but bosley really
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emphasized that. it's a normal y. ian go out with t kids and i don't have to worry abt what other people think because i have hr. i tears. because they are so happy for what we've done for them. i just didn't know how good having hair felt. until i got my hair back. u know that old sangn business, if you had everything tgain and nothing to le y wouldn't u do it? that's right where i was physically with not having hair. it may not show it as much. that's just a kind of little wisp that's going a big old bald spot in that backd en hadothing i the front. i hated it. i just hate. ke this away would you? a lot of us guys and surisingly many women find deal with hair loss. somgiveg to in a decide it's just a fact of life. but if it bothers you and you're one of those people who would like to doometng about your hair loss before gets completely out of control, you probably have a few questions you'd like answered first. well you caget those
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bosley. call now for this free information ki it includes this comprehensive guide book and bosley's newest interactive dvd with extended patient procedure at bosley. plus ang ah look at the state of t art techniques developed and refined by the bley medical team. bosl is the wod's most experienced hair statn expert. ha rformed over 200,000 h restoration ocedures, bosley's team of dedicated hair restoration experts have helped men and womefrom all walks of life achievereatooki rea results. at bosley we really cus on proding you with a toloss problem. where ever you live chances a there's a bosley consuation office near you.. remember, thdocts at bosley are doing hai transplants daily. this isn't something they're doing on the side. this is all they do. i called for the information. it's really helpful and informative and after reading throh the material inew that i wanted to proceed. ter having the produre and it's
5:27 am
grown in, it's just a huge weight off your shoulders. and th multiple finaing option available for qualied applicants, bosley hair restoration has never been more affordable. pl to help get you started bosley wants to make it even more affordable. welcome to bosley. by sending you a $250.00 gift certificate good toward a bosley hair restoration procedure. and bosley guarantees thing was the expense. and i found that the expense wasn't as much as i thought it would be. you ar about movie starts getting it, rock stars getting it and you think well it must because they can affd it. when reazed that i could afford it, it really made e whole thing e citing. if you'rlong your hairt a young age u can addrs it before it becomes too noceable and before you have to c isting it differently or wearing a hat all the time like i did. don wait. stay ahead oyour hair loss. call now and get the free information t. call now to receive this free information kit plus your $2500 gift
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certificate. there's no co d absolutely no obligaon. noyou may or may n deceo rougs procedure. that'enti up to you. but you owe to yourself tfind out all tha you can about your options. look, i'm just auy who was losing my hair. i heard about bosley, found out what they can do and decided to go for it. i had the procedure done and i couldn't be happier. that's why i ke my hat off to bosley. because it's real, it's permanent and itorks. closed captioning provided by production west.
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d i'm gonna t yo on a littlsecr. i don't use shpoo anymore. th r. n't use it at all. so why does my hair look this healthand shiny? because now i use n. i mean, look at this hair. o wa more volume?, shinier, ordinary shampoo? you don't need that or all you need is wen. >> : oair this beautif? alhair care stem by chaz dean. it'sevutiona hair care atakes the place shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, de-tangler,
5:31 am
and leave-in cditioner all in one, saving you time working onr ir ansaving you money on all the products you won't need amore most ordary shampo th lather use sulfates and detergents that may strip your hair of natural os and cause fzziness, llss, and color fade, but wen isesigned to lylese and moistize your hair and alp sr,h no harsh stripping agents, stronger, fuller after just o use weclnsing conditioners have been the buzz for top beauty magazines like celebrity living, in style, lucky, elle. and people magazine call it a "must-have." on today's show, yoll meet the man who is redefining ha care, wen's inventor, internationally renowned celebritstylist chaz dean, whose exclusive hair retreat has been t hot spot follywood stars for 20 years. anfind out how you can join the over one million people from all over the world who bought w toet the sexy, betifuhair they'valwa wand,
5:32 am
after ju one use! >> shampoos and conditioners-- you wanna cleanse ur hair, you wanna have beautiful hair, yovetrwe just y n e time, d u're gonna see a difference in your hair. >> i will never go back to smpooner, nev i'm a wen girl, so i'm gonna be using >> today, go behind the scenes of a major new commeial for wen healthy hair car yoll see lots of autiful hair, and you'll also see exactly how you can get the same res at home jt owryer ann. we t models, the hair stylists, and you'll see exactly what is done to their hair every step of the way. you' see hair demonstrations that i wouldn't believe if i didn't see them myself. you'll even see me do comparison oinary shampoo vs. n cleansing conditioner. chaz dean is passionate fu healthy and we're gonna meet him in just a moment,
5:33 am
so don't go away, and i promise by the end of the show, you'll never want to use ordinary shampoo again. >> so we're doing ings a bit ffeny with thiinforcia ich total traparency. and i want you to tell our audience why we're doi it that way. >> i'm used to seeing beautytuff that is the smoke, is the mirrors, is the extensions, her-neratestuf they'll use 5, 6, 7, 8 different products to get that look, whereas with-- >> to sell one product. >> i don't know how they get away with iti dot. ansa, f we're gonna do this together, it's only if we're honest with it, only using n. >> i'm notwi ske up anything over the but literally the first time i tried oduct i knew that not only it was special, but i connced that i will never go back to regular shampoo again. exain to eveone the diffenceetween wen
5:34 am
and shamo. the numbeone thing you ve to know is it's not going to lathe wen does not lather. if you're using anything that's lathering, it's gnaipour ha itsatal ess een,uster, moisture,hine, not to en meion your color. hodoes it clean your hair? >> with wen, what i've done is i've eliminate the detergents, and botanicals. so you'rcleansing the scalp and hydratg the hair athe s without ripping it. >> growing up as an asian woman, it's, uh, was a real struggle a lot of times dealing with my hair. asn bul and as shi as it is, it can be very coars and very unyie so, what wen productdid fo is that my hair became softer and more manageable and more flexible. and that's really important,
5:35 am
especiallyngn s, hibity thhair. i am so happwith my hair now to wouyour housefeels, eling good aut yr ha. ita ppr person, i thk. leol on ts prt. plchgemy hai om beingry arizzy now i can ju ary and it looks like this. >> no matter what type of hair, no matr what y've hear abt what you should be using for yourair, tryhis. wks. >> i love inwi my hacait it didt doefore. >> iyou r urair li me-- yes, i admit it, i color my hair-- and we a know one of the biggest hair problems is color fing, but wen ron retailott than a leading shampoo, and we'll prove it t ghnow.
5:36 am
>> here we have jeffre whs gog to be bling out becky today, d we have ephanie, o's going to be blowing out jessie today. they were both color today with t same color red. sophoi to besing sump, which supposed to be really gentle and keep your color, while jeffrey is going to be using wen on becky. so we're gna do a de-by-sideomparison, and watch what hpens both of their hds ohair. s amazing. canse wh we a mu more pleasant epeally const weer using anything else in the hair. >>in mhands through girs hair--is... itasangled, it was matd. >> not feeli that great. ade and thmore that i glided through the hair, theaernd shinier it just became. >> the coloran everywhe. thwe pch suds in my nd. i even at one pot asked him to pour the ampoo
5:37 am
in my hand, so i could make sure that it was white shampoo. i put hand up-- "hmm, maybthere's color in the shampoo." no, it wasn't. it was really, truly stppthcolor >>he difference in loss color was astounding. we had white towels in both of the bowls, and my model-- nothing was comingff. >>ut was at the depth oe am of color cominf her thhampoo. >> actually, i mean, that's what i'm usedo. i wouldn't dream of, in a salonr as alito see my color that i just paid for has why se the sink. ack towelsn the salon. >> yeah. e sults? ready to see >> look at the differee. we did not use any leave-in conditioner, we dn't ey styling ts thiss st cleanse with we ontime, blown out wi a mium round brush and a blow dryer. is bounce, all ts bo alth shine overeren >> ( laughing ) it feels like straw. reay feels like str
5:38 am
you cannot get boue, you cannot get bo, you cannot get volume. so du beessie,aio usen with my hair, and i'm happy that i was picked to use the wen. >> eve woman wants to walk down the street and have the hair blong and bouncing, and i dn hthat, and so inofun. >>oor thing. >> wen couutt ofoloring your hair in hf. d even if you don't color treat your hair, wen makes your natural hair color look more vibrant and shiny. veit w see the wen commercial anbecky. >> hey, i'm ie >> a i'm becky >> usually pple can't tell us apart. >>ut ti sh my ha with regular shampoo. >> ihe hr th wen clean cditier. >> and now it's ea toell us apart. >>y shampoo waed out my color. isry, it's frizzy.
5:39 am
look at this mess. >> my hair has ner ok better. it's shiny, it's bouncy. toitowt it is. >> my hairlsothing liket. >> and mine owdr >> band we >> h jsi wh can i be a gi >> th th by chaz dean. 'solry haire that takes the placene deep conditioner, de-tangler, d leave-inonditioner all in one, saving you te and saving youey all the product you n't need anymore. usg sulfes a detgent that may strip the hair of natural os and can causyns,rizziness, dullssancolor fade, buwen isesigned to gently cleanse and moisturize yoanscalp while aving in the natural oils, using a perfect blend of herbs and natural ingrient
5:40 am
, nageaby, d dy to your hr. and now wen haen clinically pro to significantlyetain color better than a leg po mket, w c hcolo 90% people agree that by using e wen cleansing coitior, their hair was shinier, less frizz and had more bounce d bo. so join the over one million people all over the wld who bohten to get the sexy, th've waysr just u. your natalai your natural, healthy hair. , y goode oinary shampoosay llo eaif, soft collaha with wen. a ay of wen sweet aond mint eansing conditioner, perfect for all hair types. you' receive the wen yling cream, r that extra hold d control over your hairyle na yougeu need it e re moist intenve hair repr mask, a luxuris, spa-quality
5:41 am
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5:43 am
my w sflat a limp. erdry and brite, and now it's soft, hones lyupple to the tou. it has bodd mp d bounce and fee so good. i have to tell yo i found it verhardbeev that it workr l ir typ beuswe're so sort of conditioned to believe that if a certaiirype, you need this type of shampoo, because that's how the market everything. you ow, talk aut h it try isor ery hr pe. >>av baha, coarse hai vy hair, curly hr, hnic and african-amerin ha the same product on everye across the board. ane ason it works isause your hair is only goa onto theoiste it needs and the rest wl rinse ou so, if you havbaby-fine ir, it's gonnaold onto the amount at's ndefothat hr type and then rinse the rest out. if you have that crse hair, it's really gonnho on and ke what's eded, oit will not e u ally
5:44 am
rbllf . , th's h t one product wos on all htys. >> the first tim a straightening, chemical straightening, right, it's white? it smes very strong because h a lot of chemical it daged my hair sevely. i was keki like crazy and... and then i was blessed to find wen. it's been incredible. amba to life. u use the firstim go"ts is really interesting. it's different, 'cause i'm not used to thi" use it a second time, you go, "oh, my god. i'liki it." third time, "i love it."fo te, , "my hair lookszi," and people around you go, "what are you doing tor i'm telling you, i'm gonna keep using it. i have my husband using it. i have friends using it. i have makeup artists using it, because it is just good. and when you know that something is go for you, just spread the love. i'm a wen girl, so i'm gonna be using at forever. >> now, i know a oyo
5:45 am
out therare asking yourselves, "will wen wo on my hair?" it will, and we're gonna prove it right now. najand rebecka clear have two different types of hair. >> baby-fine blonde. coarse, thick, dry >> right, and i would think that they'd need different types of product to deal with their-- >> 'cause you've been told that, is why. every product out there lls you, "if you have is hair type, you need this shampoo." "if you have this hair type, you need this shampoo." it doesn't he toe confusin with wenweetlmonmint eansg conditioner, both girls completely different hair types... i nt to show you something. >> please. >> go at hom and try this, as well. just getour hair, lift up section of your hair. what do you e th haihe? >> it's a lot thicker down here than it is uthere. >> so wouldn that tell you that she dsn't necessarily have baby-ne hair, but it's whashe's doing to her hair that's caung i to beven finer? >> yeah, the breakage. >> becau if she didn't use shampoo and it wasn't lathering and stripping and breaking the hair down, her hair would be the same consiency
5:46 am
from the rts to the ends. >> it gets frizzy very easily, dull, and what i would love is to just have more volume. >> on naja over here, her issue is how dry it is. every time she goes in with smpoo, she's striing and roing her hair. it becomes unruly, anit's a vicious cle. >> i always have to put conditioner in it, leave-in conditioners, os, and it's always hard finding the combination of what i should put in it. >> so, we're gonna clese both of our gis just one time with wen, and you will not believe the difference. >> what we did today is we did an experiment on wen with fe hair and overly coarse hair. such curly hair. can run my fingers already right through it. >> as soon as i applied theainconditioner to her hair, you could instantly see the shine even when the ir was wet. >>his is because of wen, because all the moisture is being put back into this curl. >> all the color came back into her hair. >> wle hr ll getounce. >> and it ew out so easily.
5:47 am
>>ou remember what they lookelike before. lo at 'em now. rebecka's hair was fine, frizzy, and brassy. now it's smooth, shiny, and hydrated. >> looks amazing. >> so, here we have naja, who, her "before" was really dr really coarse, and really dull-looking. >> and look at these perfectly edur! >> they just kind of snap back. >> it's been proven today that you can uset on fine, baby-blonde hair d thick, rlly coarse hair, and it works great. it does the same result on both people. >> when i saw myself in the mirror, i got this huge smile on my face, anco not stopmili. love my ha. h wned. curl c completelyydrated, nfriz shampoo will never tou my hair again from this day forward, ever. >> when we come back, you'llee what wen does for my hair, and what my hair looks like
5:48 am
mmcial featuring naj and rebecka. >> used to be frizzy, dull, d mplete ouof control. >> my w completely the opposite. it was totally flyaway, flat, and brassy. chged whe gave up ordinary shampoo. >> now i havbodyi havevolume, a. >> look at my hair! can't stopchg it ot soft, d >> our hair couldn't be more different. >> but the one thing we have in common is we both use wen, and that's why... >> we're both wen girls. r ha hair care by cz dean. you'll start with a 30-day supply of wen sweet almond mint cleansing conditioner, perfect for all hair types. you'll receive ten styling eam, for thatxtraol
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gt g at a swanky hollywood event. wh you find a product like wen at achieves so muchin one or twp yogotta make that change d when i started using, oh, almost a decade ago, y fe.w that this was a product s and i nod s working r th, you know, i thght, "this is so great." we folmily i love how my hair feels with wen. it's soft,atural. my hair feels light. it movesit shines. just try wen one tim and you're gonna s a difference in yo hair. >> so, for the women tt-- and e methatant to t your product but e sort of scared nervous or, uh, are interested, but haven't pi uthe onyet, what do you say to thoseeople? >> i honestly say, "look at your hair now. are u ha yr hair? are you happy wi theesults you get every day?
5:52 am
are you struggling everyay? if so, you have nothing toose, 'cause iant u to see what onene time with wen can do for you >> versus smpoo is because, ultimately, the shampoo would dry my hair out and take all the natural oils out that i the have to replenish by using cer. enhe condioner would ki of weigit down. then i'd use product to volumize r give some kinof curl to it. that would really dry it out. and then i'd use stuff to make it oily anshiny and shee, 'cause it was dry, and it was way too many things, anltaty end up just depleting my hair. and now wome f multipurpose thing. i can use its a leave-in coitner and the product, and it's done bumake mhairorsupple and beauful and althy- feing, and love it >> we're back behind the scenes, and this time, i'm doing thdemo mysel here's how i lood when i came in this morning after using an expensive saloshampoo to wash my hair. >> okay, so i need to show them at home tod... thank u for coming in and shampooing your hair,
5:53 am
becae wehoweyou that with color-treated, lited hair, shes through major damage on a daily basis with curling irons anatlot e f urair, bugueswhat wens go. >> i feel like i'm at the spa. >> your hair's comingcko fe can feel it already. look at this shine. look how it glides through my hands yourair's likeilk right now. th wt wanto se the more you use, the more you massage, the longer you l the bett t rests you're going to apply e mp oen g nditioner back in your hair as leave-in conditioner. m ty her with nothing but a mium d h ow with nozzle. and you rememb whays lookede en she came in.
5:54 am
with oimthhaoo, one timeith n-- who do y wanto be, hebefo or r after? i've leard something really important today, ani ho you have, too. ifou're having problems wi your hair, the proble might not be your hair it might just be your shampoo. and let's facet, if you're having a bad hair day, it's aad day. so, why keep using ordinary shampoo? just get rid of it. try n for yourself, d get the hairou want. what ds itake yourr ? hade. it's revolutionary hair ca that takes the place deep conditionerde-tangler and leave-in conditioner all in one, saving you time and ng mey on all the procts using sulfates andernt that may strip the hair
5:55 am
of natur oils and can e yns, frizziness, llss, and color fa, but weis designed to gently cleanse and moisturiz aiand scalp while leaving in the naturaoils, and naral ingredients,of her adding sheen, manaability, d body to yourai and now wen has been clinically proven on hailoi adpoetain color and 90% ofplage that by usin the wen cleansing ndioner, their hair was shinier less fzzy, and had more bouncanbo. so join the over onmillion people alov the world who boug w to get the sexy, beauti eyalwa haftest e way i feel about mel e way i iook. >> so, say goodbye to ordinary shamoto ftshiny, conbl with wen. ayupply start wit of wen sweet almond mint
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cleansing conditione perfecfor all hair types. you'll receihe stylcr for and control over your hairstyle filly,'lit the re moist intensi hair repair mask, a luxurious, spa-quali t gned sthydrion hend smoh dr daged, yocoulpely treated hair ov $100 at salon wen replaces,s but you won't pay hundreds of dollarr iwen healthy hair c is available dtltoou r thspecial low price of onl$49.. insider price reductn. call or click now, and you can get e colete wen healthha care system, all threproducts, for $49.95, not ev fo$39., bufor the beliable price of just $29.95. d today, we'll include shping absolely free.
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u n try wen r o whole months. erce in hn't snd just sd itac un en ie ttles are empty. so, you have nothio se but bad ha days. alor click n. >>enirl. >> im a wen girl. >> w bgi 'mlya mila, ani'm a wen .
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